4 Benefits of Going to an Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Plantation, FL

People who seek an emergency dentist might do so for a variety of reasons, from a broken tooth resulting from an accident to a sudden oral infection that causes a great deal of pain. These dentists usually offer evening, weekend, and holiday hours for patients who cannot wait for their customary clinics to reopen. Not only are these clinics convenient, but they offer a variety of other benefits for those who may need them when the unexpected occurs.

What is an emergency dentist?

Dental clinics that offer extended evening hours and holidays handle many different types of problems, most of which are due to accidents. For example, an individual who had a tooth knocked out or shifted forcefully during a weekend football game might seek out this type of business. Those in great pain from a toothache or broken dental appliance might also call for a same-day appointment, especially if the pain interferes with eating or speaking. While some benefits are obvious, there are others that may surprise those who need the services of an emergency dental clinic.

1. Efficiency

Some patients may worry that an emergency dentist may have reduced services because of the hours he or she offers, but these clinics are often as efficient as ones that work under regular schedules. The technology used for extractions, cleaning out sockets, and fixing broken oral appliances, such as braces, is typically quite modern. This can offer patients peace of mind, especially when the visit is unexpected.

2. Prevention of complications

Sometimes tooth breakage and other problems that happen as the result of an accident can cause complications if they are not treated right away. While some toothache pain is not likely to cause problems, others, such as those that result from a broken tooth, can be lead to immediate issues. With these types of accidents, the shattered tooth may become infected if it is left too long. An emergency dentist can extract the tooth and then prevent infection with a proper rinsing of the socket.

3. Pain relief

When a tooth gets broken or otherwise damaged, it can expose the tooth's roots, which can be extremely painful for eating and drinking. This type of pain is usually severe and can affect the other teeth and the jaw as well. When the pain radiates to the rest of the face, having to wait a few days or even a week to see a regular dentist can make life a misery. An emergency clinic can offer patients antibiotics and different types of pain relief until the area heals.

4. An improved chance of tooth repair

Individuals who lose a tooth due to trauma may have a greater chance of keeping it when they visit an emergency dental clinic. In many cases, the faster treatment can commence, the more likely a dentist can save the tooth, depending on whether it came out broken or whole.


A broken tooth or infection, along with the pain they cause, can feel unbearable when a delay in treatment occurs. Having the number of emergency dentists can prevent this suffering and help ensure a healthy, undamaged smile for the future.

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