How Dentists Use Dermal Fillers in Esthetic Dentistry

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Dermal fillers have always been used on the skin. With the latest innovations in dental care, dermal fillers can now improve oral health. Applying dermal fillers for teeth repair does not necessarily involve direct injections of these fillers into your teeth. Instead, it will involve injecting them into your teeth’s surrounding tissues. If you want to find out how dentists can repair your teeth using dermal fillers, here are the facts.

For gum recession

Teeth need gums for protection. Gums should surround teeth to shield the roots from air, cold, and heat. Over time, gum recession happens. Gum recession is a condition in which the margin of the gum tissue that covers the teeth starts to pull back. It exposes more of the tooth’s roots or body.

Gaps or pockets form between the gumline and teeth. This creates an easy pathway for bacteria to enter and thrive. If the dentist does not detect and treat gum recession, it will cause damage to the bone structures and supporting gum tissue. This often results in tooth loss.

Gum recession is common. It happens slowly. Because of this, most people do not know about it until teeth sensitivity sets in. Teeth look longer when gums recede. There is also a notch close to the gumline. The dentist should catch and treat this early to repair gums and prevent more damage.

Gums recede because of several factors. Periodontitis, rough tooth brushing, and inadequate flossing can cause gum recession. Gums also recede because of hormonal fluctuations and teeth grinding. The same happens when using tobacco products, misaligned teeth, and body piercings.

For black triangles

If the patient needs teeth repairs, the gums likely need some improvements as well. Yet, if the patient only sees gaps between gums and teeth, there may be no need to make changes to the teeth. Dermal fillers can make the receding gums better. Experienced dentists know what to do in this situation.

The black triangles are the triangle-shaped, dark gaps between teeth. Statistics show that 67% of people at least 20 years old have black triangles. Aside from gum recession, other factors cause the black triangles. Bone loss, poor oral hygiene habits, orthodontic treatments, triangular teeth, and fragile gums cause black triangles.

The treatment

The dentist will evaluate the patient’s gums first. Then, the dentist will use hyaluronic acid injections to fill the receding gums and gaps between the patient’s gums and teeth. This is a new and effective treatment. Dermal fillers are better than traditional gum grafts. These injectables can fill the gaps even if the patient has bone loss. Dermal fillers are simple and cost-effective.

Dermal fillers will bring back your youthful smile

Dermal filler injections are non-surgical. If you get this treatment, you must go back to the dentist for injections every six months. This will keep your gums healthier. Restoring your gums with dermal fillers will strengthen your teeth and make them look better. Making an appointment with your dentist to get dermal fillers will help complete your stunning smile.

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