How Facial Esthetics Can Improve Your Smile

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In dentistry, facial esthetics refers to different non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers, botulinum injections, and other skincare products used to produce a more natural-looking smile. In addition, facial esthetics treatments can help you look younger and more refreshed by reducing the signs of aging on the face.

An overview of facial esthetics and your smile

Botulinum injections, fillers, and threading are examples of aesthetic dentistry procedures that may improve the look of one's smile. Aesthetic dentistry procedures aim to improve the appearance of the smile while also addressing the patient’s dental issues. The procedures used are minimally invasive, require little downtime, and cause little to no discomfort. The treatments will give patients a pleasant smile that may boost their self-esteem and enhance their quality of life.

Aesthetic dentistry offices offer treatments to enhance a patient’s facial features while restoring or improving oral functions. The available treatments typically include:

Botulinum injections

Botulinum injections are a minimally invasive technique that can be used in conjunction with cosmetic dental procedures. The treatment can be utilized in orthodontic treatment processes when facial muscle retraining is required or in situations where the patient is having difficulty adjusting to their new dentures.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to restore volume and fullness to the lips, cheeks, and mouth. They are used to create a frame around the teeth to complement cosmetic dental treatments. During a dental visit, the dental professional will explain the details of the treatment and recommend the proper way to proceed.

Aesthetic threading

Smooth threads are resorbable sutures that are inserted where skin needs to be smoothed or defined. Collagen is deposited as a smooth thread resorbs. The goal as patients age is to preserve and replace collagen. The skin begins to sag with the loss of collagen and elasticity. Smooth threads produce not only more significant effects than fillers in some locations, but they can also be a safer option.

Lifting threads

Lifting threads are resorbable sutures that have a lifting effect and are recommended where there is significant skin drooping and aging. These are frequently used around the jowls and nasolabial folds. This is the least intrusive micro facelift option. The results are usually quite remarkable.

The facial esthetic appointment

Depending on the desired treatment, facial esthetic treatments at an aesthetic dentistry office may require two or more sessions. The dentist will check the patient’s teeth and mouth during the appointment and inquire about any prior dental work or cosmetic treatments they have had. They may take x-ray films of the teeth and mouth as needed in order to detect any indications of infection. Following a thorough oral health examination, the dentist will discuss the most suitable treatment choices to achieve the patient's goals.

The bottom line

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