Veneer Smile Makeover for Chipped Teeth

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Getting dental veneers is a popular treatment solution for chipped teeth during a smile makeover . The porcelain restorations cover the visible surfaces of the front teeth, providing the patient with a symmetric smile that looks natural. This review discusses why you should consider dental veneers for chipped teeth during a smile makeover.

Veneers for chipped teeth during a smile makeover

Veneers can treat a range of concerns during a smile makeover, including chipped teeth, cracked teeth, worn-down teeth (from bruxism), severely stained teeth, or naturally misshapen or short teeth. By learning more about the veneer benefits for chipped teeth, patients can decide if they are right for their smile makeover treatment plan.

A veneer smile makeover explained

A smile makeover involves multiple restorations. The primary goal is to improve the patient’s smile, but there are also oral health benefits of treatment. Common restorations used during a smile makeover are veneers. These are thin layers of porcelain material that are customized and comfortably fixed over the visible surfaces of teeth to improve their appearance and protect the teeth from enamel damage.

Why you should consider veneers to fix chipped teeth

Dental veneers offer the most natural and aesthetically pleasing look of any cosmetic restoration available during a smile makeover. For chips, a veneer can restore the natural appearance of the tooth and protect it from further harm. Veneers are durable and can last for more than a decade when cared for properly.

The dental veneers process during a smile makeover

Dental veneers are customized in a laboratory. To do so, the dentist prepares the tooth, which may involve removing a minor amount of tooth enamel. A tooth impression is then taken, which is sent to the lab and used to customize the veneer with porcelain material. The veneer is then sent back to the dentist. They ensure the proper fit and fix the veneer to the tooth on a follow-up visit.

Additional treatments to consider during a smile makeover

Veneers are often the most highly recommended options for patients who want the best possible smile during a smile makeover treatment, but there are other cosmetic solutions that may also work well, such as dental bonding and tooth-colored crowns.

The best method depends on the specific concern being treated and the preference of the patient. Other factors, such as the length of treatment and budget, may also play roles. However, it is important to keep the long-term cost analysis in mind, given the fact that dental veneers last much longer on average than bonding and other cosmetic restorations.

How to begin your smile makeover treatment plan

Do you have questions about dental veneers or smile makeover treatment in general? If so, you can reach out to our dental team today by phone or message for answers. You can also arrange a smile makeover consultation, during which we can discuss veneers and other treatment solutions.

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